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7 Easy Steps to Shop in Your Closet


Before you declare you have nothing to wear, see if you already have the makings of a great spring wardrobe in the boutique that’s just a few feet away from you—the one in your closet. Sound impossible? Not if you follow these easy steps.

Collect your supplies. You need a two-hour block of time and the following items:

A pad of paper for notes, a portable rack set up near your closet (or an ironing board or your bed), and a full-length mirror.


2. Pull out a basic bottom from your closet that will work this season – a pant, skirt or jean. Take a good hard look at this piece. Is it still in great condition? If the answer is yes, let’s work with it. Put it on your portable rack.


3. Pull from your closet any possible tops and jackets that will go with that bottom. Check each one out. Is it in good condition? If the answer is yes, put each one on the portable rack.


4. Slip into the bottom piece and start trying on top and jacket options. Keep trying things on until you come up with three new outfit combinations that “wow” you. They are in there! You will enjoy the benefits of feeling great in a new outfit from pieces you already have instead of pieces you have to purchase. It’s the fresh combination that makes them exciting.


5. Every outfit needs finishing touches, so go to your jewelry boxes and also your shoe collection and pull out some possible coordinating accessories. Play! Try on some different combinations and check yourself out in your full-length mirror. Be sure that from head-to-toe, this outfit is a nine or a ten on a scale of one to ten. If it’s only a five, create a different outfit.

6. Once you’ve created looks you’re happy with, take them off and organize each outfit individually on your bed and photograph it, shoes and accessories included. Remember to get three outfits out of each bottom. You can also write the details of the outfit on an index card and start a file labeled "Great Outfits." If you find that you have holes in your wardrobe, write down the items you need to purchase and plan to shop for those first.

7. If any of these steps seem too difficult to handle alone, give me a call. With some simple wardrobe intervention, I can help you create a concise plan for shopping in your closet and maximizing the wardrobe you already have. With the current trends in mind, I can help you find some fresh looks using your standbys. Now, that’s smart shopping!

Be your best!

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