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Holiday Trimming

As we approach these final weeks of the year, the temptation for indulgence spikes to an all-year high. Gifts of chocolate begin to appear in the mail. Sugar cookies in holiday shapes show up next to the coffee machine at the office. You could be adding 750 calories a day with your nibbling and at party time, be tempted to put on that oversized sweatshirt that has blinking holiday lights all over the front of it. Stop! No, I don't mean stop eating; I mean stop thinking about hiding behind your clothes and start thinking about how you can look holiday chic, no matter what. You can still look thin until January 1 when you actually resolve to cut out all the sweets.
Here's how:

Ask Cindy about creating your custom-blend foundation.

1. Direct your attention to your assets. (Fakes out fruitcake.)

Do something special with your most beautiful features. Great hair? Make an appointment for a blow dry if you're between haircuts. A professional wash and blow-out of your hair can make you look great for a whole week. Great hands and fingers? Pull out the cocktail rings that are so en vogue right now. Get a fresh manicure; add some bangles to your wrist. Pretty arms? Go sleeveless in a sparkly knit tank. Or bring attention to your face by adorning a crew neckline on a sweater with a chunky choker. The light from the choker splashing up to your face will be all you need to get the attention off of you-know-where.

2. Keep the eye moving up the body. (Neutralizes peanut brittle.)

Strong vertical lines make us look taller and slimmer. You can achieve this by wearing a black cocktail dress with black tights and black heels. Or, you can wear one dark shade (your choice of chocolate, charcoal, black or deep olive) in a top and a matching pant and add your pop of color (your choice of magenta, turquoise, deep orange) in a shawl, shrug or jacket. That solid inside color keeps our eye moving up your body, which makes you look thinner. Also, consider wearing a belt and a shoe in the same color as your hair when you're wearing separates. Your accessories will tie into the color of your hair and stretch that vertical line for you, making you look taller and thinner.

3. Lift your bustline. (Cancels out sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles.)

Nothing can make a woman look matronly and heavy quicker than a sagging bustline. When you look in a full-length mirror, your bustline (if it were an imaginary vertical line) should sit right in the middle between your shoulder line and your waistline. If it's not, hike up those bra straps or go indulge in a new bra that lifts you towards that centerline.

4. Buy a bigger size. (Hides eggnog.)

Really. If you've been living in those clothes while they've been getting snugger, you may not be noticing the way the too-small size is distorting the drape of the garment and adding even more pounds. Going up a size isn't a disgrace; it's a slimming device. Wherever there is strain, create ease. Upper arms-a dolman sleeve may be great. Waist-relax the belt. Thighs-wear pants with gentle pleats for extra ease or wear skirts with elastic waistlines that you cover up with a fabulous belt.

5. Don't leave home without your eyebrow line. (Fakes out fudge.)

To keep the focus up at the face instead of on the hips, be sure your eyebrow line is doing its job by framing your face. If your eyebrows are thinning or if they are barely visible because of their color, get help with the makeup in my studio. You'll need a slanted brush and the right shade of color. I'll show you how to dip into the color with your slanted brush and gently fill in your eyebrow line. Attention will automatically be directed to those gorgeous eyes of yours. Wear bangs or glasses? You still need to give attention to your brows. Then, add the all-time never-fails accessory: a smile! You'll look fab!

Happy Holidays!

Cindy Barron:
512.263.2576 | 11801 Pleasant Panorama View, Suite A, Austin, Texas 78738