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Take a Stand with Fashion:
Show Up in 2012


Lots of people wear clothes without showing up. But they miss out on so much. Showing up is a demonstration of personal strength and value. It's about taking up space and being
counted. How are you showing up? What would it be like to
show up more in 2012 than you did in 2011?


What would an additional 10% fashion effort do for your image? Maybe it would turn you from being invisible in a crowd to being visibly pleasing. It might mean entering a room and getting a compliment. And it builds from there. A compliment (or two or three) increases self-esteem. Good self-esteem turns into confidence. Confidence turns into new opportunities. Who knows what exciting things could happen between now and December 31, 2012, if you just applied 10% more effort? Here's how to do it:


1. Flare

Spice and "bold up" any outfit by finding your signature flare. What's your version of flare? It could be your special accessory that is your signature. Think you don't look good in hats? Think again. Try on all styles of hats and see if you have a new signature. Or try finding a bold-colored handbag that makes a bolder statement than basic black. Scarves with large patterns or colorful prints can add 10% more excitement to an everyday outfit. Find your favorite flare in 2012. Instead of being modest, go for being adventurous instead.

2. Hair

Have you been thinking about a new color or a new cut? Enhance your appearance by going 10% darker or lighter in your hair color. Just a slight alteration can make a big impact. Or ask your hairdresser for a cut that is more sleek or defined. If you don't want to alter your cut or color, try treating yourself once a month and get your hair professionally blown out. In less than an hour, you'll look camera ready for everyday life.

3. Care

Looking considerably better could be as easy as purchasing a steamer (for free shipping, use Promo Code IMAGE233. Freshen up your clothes so your blouse collars frame your face, the pleats in your skirt are crisp and your fabrics look brand new. Pay 10% more attention to fit and see how great you can look. Take your ill-fitting clothes to a recommended tailor. Attend to jacket cuffs and be sure they aren't too long; be sure skirt and pant hems are even and the right length for you; let out a waistband that's too tight and be sure the seat of your pant is flattering. If they can't be altered to fit properly, donate your misfits. Only clothes that fit fabulously on you belong in your wardrobe.

4. Wear

Don't save special clothes for special occasions. Incorporate your favorite items with your everyday wear so you feel special every day. You aren't getting any attention for your great clothes sense if the good stuff stays home in the closet. That means wearing the red blouse to the office rather than saving it for Valentine's Day. It's wearing the leopard print belt just for fun. In 2012, set a goal to wear your prized pieces at least 10% more than you are now.

5. Bare

By taking care of your body, you will enjoy showing it off. So get those pedicures and show off your toes with peep-toed heels. Go from flared pants to mid-knee skirts and show off your legs. Go from long sleeves to 3/4 length sleeves and show off your wrists and hands. Pull your hair back and show your pretty neck. Instead of a crewneck sweater, wear a scoop neck. By baring a little bit more, you are putting yourself out there. Build up your confidence. It's time to show off your grace.

6. Dare

Have you been playing with different shades of taupe, black or gray? How about hits of color to your basic wardrobe? What are some of the brighter colors in your color palette? For example, it could be a royal blue sweater, a coral pink jacket, or a bold turquoise necklace. Small hits of color fulfill a 10% increase in attention effortlessly. Dare to add some color and you'll be more present and more approachable. The additional colors may just brighten up your day.

Remember, you wear clothes every day. Be tuned into what delights you so delight is your foundation - just like your underwear is the foundation for your outfits. Be the bright spot in a gray, winter day. It doesn't take a perfect body or an unlimited budget to "stand out." It just takes paying attention to yourself, maybe just 10% more than you are. Now, that's taking a stand.

Be your best!

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